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welcome to "chance and johnny appreciation zone"
i love my cats very much and they mean the world to me so heres a page dedicated to my little guys!

i adopted chance from a shelter in 2007 and honestly i am so lucky to have met the little bastard. hes really weird and avoids sitting on anything that isnt a hard surface whenever possible. hes also great at sprinting really fast and ripping things to shreds with his claws so basically, he is totally awesome

johnny was a cat id see around the neighborhood occasionally; unfortunately his previous owner didnt treat him so kindly and eventually ended up abandoning him when they moved out in 2014. not too long after that i took him in and hes been living with me ever since. hes really the sweetest cat ive ever met despite everything hes been through

i hope you can appreciate my cats (almost) as much as i do because they deserve all the love in the world and more